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Looking to the future of public services

After the drama of the Labour leadership contest, Early Action advocate David Robinson asks: is the choice between ‘big vision’ and ‘broad appeal’ a false dilemma? Here are four principles for a strong, relational welfare state that might achieve both… Continue reading Looking to the future of public services

Circle Movement for Mexico?

Though they have different histories and cultures, Mexico and the UK are facing a surprising number of similar problems when it comes to social isolation and older people. Dionisio Garcia lays out the case for a Circle Movement in Mexico.

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Relationships are at the heart of early intervention

Relationships have the power to change lives. We know trust and empathy are the key to success for early interventions. There is now a strong case that public services must change to be more ‘relationship enabling’ – so what does that look like? 

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Up the Devolution

The opportunity to hand power back to local community networks is too valuable to discount – here’s Manchester native Cath Dillon on her hopes for the devolution agenda.

As I write this, the UK Devolution Summit is in full swing in Glasgow, with leaders from Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Liverpool and Scotland taking part. Devolution has been on the agenda for some time now, with support across the political spectrum. At Participle, we’ve seen first hand that when you put power in the hands of local people, good things happen. Continue reading Up the Devolution