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All Wound Up

Working intensively with people leaves you both exhausted and wound up at the end of the day, even in the best of circumstances. The people working this way need support, including those in the JobCentre.

By Jessica Hughes, Head of Marketing and Facilitator for Backr

“We’re winding down for December.” I seem to be hearing this phrase a lot at the moment. And whilst it’s understandable, as many of us do tend to wind down our work around the festive period, this isn’t necessarily a luxury extended to those who work on the frontline of services. Regardless of what time of year it is, life goes on for the people we’re helping. Continue reading All Wound Up

How to work a holiday party, relationally

Got work drinks, family feasts or a holiday shindig or two you’re feeling anxious about? Use Backr’s relational approach to rule the festive season (and maybe learn something new while you’re at it).

By Gosbert Chagula, Service Developer at Backr

For many, the prospect of the holiday season and its implied socialisation fills them with dread. I’m sure many have felt it as you manoeuvre from one festive party onto the next during mid-December. Staff parties, end of year celebrations, family gatherings, are just a small sample of the variety of occasions to which some of us will be summoned. But what’s the problem? Well, in many instances, despite an increase in time spent socialising, things simply continue as they were before – circular conversations, often-repeated stories and the awkwardness of having forced chatter with a room full of strangers.

But does it have to be this way? Continue reading How to work a holiday party, relationally

A fair advantage?

Networks, old boys clubs, nepotism, looking after your own, the family……. These are a variety of terms used to describe using connections to gain something. Something like insight, information or a favour, usually in relation to a job you have your eye on. Continue reading A fair advantage?

Loosening all the knots

Recently I’ve talked about the coverage of the Nuffield report on women who’ve had multiple children taken into care. Many of the lessons learned there really chimed with what we’ve found over the course of running Life Programmes. However, I did think there was one key thing left unmentioned. Continue reading Loosening all the knots