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All Wound Up

Working intensively with people leaves you both exhausted and wound up at the end of the day, even in the best of circumstances. The people working this way need support, including those in the JobCentre.

By Jessica Hughes, Head of Marketing and Facilitator for Backr

“We’re winding down for December.” I seem to be hearing this phrase a lot at the moment. And whilst it’s understandable, as many of us do tend to wind down our work around the festive period, this isn’t necessarily a luxury extended to those who work on the frontline of services. Regardless of what time of year it is, life goes on for the people we’re helping. Continue reading All Wound Up

Turning the JobCentre into a Social Centre

“… (In future) job centres will not just be a place where you a see paid advisor, but somewhere to connect with local people with similar experience who’ve donated their time to help others back into work – people powered job centres if you will.” -Vicki Sellick, 14 predictions for 2014: the Future of Job Hunting

In Backr we know all the best stuff happens face-to-face. One lunch is worth a 1,000 ‘likes’. Continue reading Turning the JobCentre into a Social Centre


We start with the premise (rightly or wrongly) that the JobCentre and job seeker allowance are a stop-gap measure, a safety net provide for by that state, helping you get by until you get back on your feet. Success is judged by whether you are back in employment, or perhaps more accurately, whether you are off benefits. If this is the case, is the job centre conceived in such a manner relevant to today’s climate slow growth, high youth unemployment (many of them highly qualified)? Continue reading #HackTheJobCentre