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Relationships are at the heart of early intervention

Relationships have the power to change lives. We know trust and empathy are the key to success for early interventions. There is now a strong case that public services must change to be more ‘relationship enabling’ – so what does that look like? 

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What working relationally means for me

Most public services require working with people, but relational public services put building relationships front and centre. What’s it like to work in a relational service for the first time? How is it different? Wellogram Guide Lucy Hawkin tells us her impressions.

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Holiday meals: How to fall off the wagon and get back on again

If you’re trying to make more healthy choices, December can be a tough month no matter what you celebrate. Here are some ideas from Wellogram to help you feel happy, healthy and in control, whether you decide to eat the chocolate or not.

By Tara Hackett, Lead Guide at Wellogram

As of posting, December is upon us and many of us are busy making plans and getting prepared for an enjoyable, Merry Christmas!

If we think about it, this time of year is very much in line with the way of Wellogram members. Put simply, making plans and taking action to enjoy a good life, is just what Wellogram is all about. And that mindset applies to eating right over any holiday, from Christmas to Passover to Ramadan.

Wellogram members work alongside their Guides to work out what’s important to them and to take actions in help them live well all year round. Over the last month, “holidays” have been well represented in the conversations members have been having with their Guides. However, these conversations have not all been merry and full of cheer! Continue reading Holiday meals: How to fall off the wagon and get back on again

Scotland, Be Brave

On 1 October 2014, our Hilary Cottam spoke at the Scottish Leaders Forum to share some of the learning from our Relational Welfare work. Here’s Shelagh Young’s take on that discussion.

What would you do with £250,000 ? Buy a house? Take an eight year sabbatical? Keep a struggling family stuck in a miserable cycle of despair for another few months? Easy choice isn’t it? Who would blow a quarter of a million to sustain misery? Continue reading Scotland, Be Brave