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An age of opportunity

One in three babies born today will reach 100 years old. Yet, as the Early Action Task Force’s report Looking Forward to Later Life published today shows, the approach of successive Governments to our ageing population has mirrored the approach of many individuals: disjointed, head in the sand, afraid to look too far ahead. Continue reading An age of opportunity

The new Rochdale Pioneers!


The new Rochdale Pioneers!

Kick starting relational welfare literally in the home of the original Rochdale Pioneers, founders of the world wide Cooperative movement.

Here are some of our inaugural members of our newest Circle for the Borough of Rochdale on a visit last night to the Pioneer Museum’s newly re-opened exhibition space, fronted by the original shop.

Most people didn’t know each other at the beginning of the evening but came to the event due to a shared interest in local history.  By the end of the evening one guy was giving three women a lift home.  Two more women realised they lived near each other so swopped numbers and decided to come to our next event, a steam train trip to celebrate Lancashire Day together!  New social connections being made there and then which have the potential to translate into opportunities and community networks for older people to support a flourishing older age.

Circle is an innovative membership-based organisation open to anyone over the age of 50, supporting individuals and communities to lead the lives they want to lead. We support our Members across four areas of their lives: social activity, life’s practical tasks, tailored learning and appropriate health and wellbeing services.

Rochdale Borough Circle has been made possible through a collaboration between Participle, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and the Social Action Fund (Office for Civil Society).