Making It Happen

Creating a relational welfare state, with public services that are fit for the 21st century, is an ambitious project. But services that boost people’s capabilities, strengthen relationships and help you to connect with local community networks are already out there, valiantly doing their thing day after day. And we want to see more of them.

There are the stories of people and organisations who are proving that Relational Welfare is achievable, successful and sustainable. If they can do it, so can you. Whether you work in government or just want to see your neighbourhood doing better, we can all make it happen together. Here’s some inspiration:

Stay Up Late – Connecting people with learning disabilities to volunteers with similar taste in music, so both can build up friendships and have more active and independent social lives. Paul’s story



Streetbank – Connecting neighbours through shared assets, making communities feel friendlier and less isolating. Richard’s story.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.21.28


DotDotDot – Giving young community activists inexpensive housing in exchange for volunteer work in the places they live. Becky’s story.

Dot Dot Dot property guardian Becky Greenwood
Courtesy of Dot Dot Dot


The Living Wage Foundation – Sending the message that people’s work matters, especially when they are caring for others. Read our take and Perrine’s story.

via Flickr user Ry


CoachBright – Connecting kids who are struggling in school with university students, who coach them to let their inner strengths and ambitions shine through. Chris’ story.

coachbright postits 2


Circle – Providing a social calendar and light-touch home help, Circle gives a framework upon which thousands of friendships bloom and older people stay happy and independent for longer. Lots of great stories here; try  “Behind Closed Doors”Martyn’s story, and Joan’s story.

Martyn Picture with Pat & Hospice Staff

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