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Hilary Cottam

Brid Featherstone

David Robinson

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James Angel is an Assistant Researcher in Social Policy at the New Economics Foundation.

Indra Adnan is Director at Soft Power Network.

Sarah Akwisombe was Lead on We Are The Million. She is now an Editor at

Nicola Bacon is Co-Founder of Social Life.

Kate Bagley is Campaigns and Content Manager at Participle.

Sarah Bickerstaffe is Strategy Lead at the Care Quality Commission.

Cathy Bor is a psychotherapist in London.

Mark Blundell is a Researcher and Project Coordinator at the Innovation Unit. You can find him online at @marksblundell.

Amanda Briden is Client Lead for OI Engine at IDEO. She was previously Measures Manager at Participle.

Kate Burn is a Design Researcher at IDEO. She was previously Service Development Lead for Backr.

Obie Campbell is Network Lead at Backr.

Miia Chambers has over two decades of experience in mindfulness training and supports the Backr team.

Gosbert Chagula is Opportunities Lead at Backr.

Robin Chu is Founder and CEO at CoachBright.

Jorgen Clausen is Stadsdirektør at Odense Kommune in Denmark.

Hilary Cottam is Founder and CEO of Participle.

Stephen Crossley is PhD student at Durham University and blogs at A Kind of Trouble.

Dr. Samir Dawlatly is a GP in Birmingham.

Alice Dawnay is Founding Director of Switchback.

Daniel Dickens is Head of People Operations at onefinestay. He was previously Startup Director at Participle and lead on Backr.

Cath Dillon is Partnerships Director at Participle. She has over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Gwenne McFadzean is Facilitation Advisor of the Great Interactions team at MacIntyre.

Brid Featherstone is Professor of Social Work at The Open University. She writes with Sue White, Professor of Social Work at Birmingham University and Kate Morris, Professor of Social Work at University of Nottingham.

Duncan Fisher is Co-Founder of the Fatherhood Institute.

Fiona Fisher is a carer and writes on Scottish politics. You can find her online at @GallusEffie.

Vicky-Marie Gibbons was formerly Assistant to Hillary Cottam, and is now General Manager at Bethnal Green Ventures.

Clare Goff is Editor at New Start Magazine.

Anna Goodman is Policy and Research Officer at the Campaign to End Loneliness.

Catherine Greig is Founder & Director at make:good.

Tara Hackett leads on Wellogram, Participle’s social health service.

Katherine Hibbert is Founder of Dot Dot Dot Property Guardians.

Clemmie Hooper is a midwife in Southeast London. Find her online at@midwifeyhooper or the Gas and Air blog.

Rachel James is Programme Manager at Participle and leads on the Life Programme.

Alexander Kenmure is Implementation Manager for a London Borough council.

Hugo Manassei is a former Partner at Participle. He is currently Global Head of Service Design at DigitasLBi.

Bill Mumford is CEO of MacIntyre.

Jessica Hughes (née Mills) is Head of Marketing at Backr.

Rick Muir is Associate Director for Public Service Reform at IPPR.

Dr. James Munro is CEO of Patient Opinion.

Dr. Catherine Needham is Reader in Public Policy and Public Management, University of Birmingham and runs the 21st Century Public Servant blog with Catherine Mangan and Helen Dickinson.

Nurse Eye Roll blogs about “humor, honesty and nursey shenanigans”. She is a critical care nurse in North Carolina, USA. Her blog is invaluable for anyone who wants to understand nursing from the inside out.

Robin Parmiter is a teacher at Huntington School in York.

David Robinson is a Co-Founder & Senior Advisor at Community Links and leads on the Early Action Task Force.

Damien Ribbans is a social care professional with over 15 years experience in the sector. He has worked with both large and small charities, as well as social enterprises. He worked with Participle when he ran Suffolk Circle.

Michael Rustin is Professor of Sociology at the University of East London

Helen Sanderson is Co-founder of Community Circles.

Emma Southgate is Participle Lead. She helped Participle to develop Backr, the Circle Movement, and the Life Programme.

Sam Stephens is the Founder of Streetbank. You can find them online at @street_bank and

Yogesh Taylor is Co-Founder at Ideas Hub Chelmsford.

John Wade is Director of Bromford. We recommend you check out his wonderful blog, Joining Up the Planks, where he shares ideas and really entertaining stories from his years working in the community. You can find him online at @John_A_Wade.

Heather Wakefield is Head of Local Government for Unison.

Tom Whicher is a Founder of DrDoctor, a digital appointment management service for patients and clinics.

Richard Wingett was Operations Manager for Community Safety at Maidstone Borough Council in Kent. He is now an independent consultant.

Mark Wynn is Director at Rochdale Circle.

Martin Yarnit led the Compass-NUT Inquiry’s work on local education governance.

Jon Yates is Strategy and Development Director at The Challenge Network.

Shelagh Young is Chair of The Cooperative Phone and Broadband, and is on the Board of Nourish Scotland. Find her online at @sheel9.

Additionally, you might be interested in the anonymous stories and case studies we’ve published.

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