Company and Conversation

We received this poem recently from a member of Rochdale Circle who wishes to remain anonymous. We think it speaks to the member experience very well and wanted to share it with you. 

In Circle I have found

Company and conversation
In abundance, with
Really inviting venues, to share with new
Companions to enjoy
Laughter and fun and
Each sharing in others friendship.


Members of the Circle movement believe that people can be each others’ solutions. Something as simple as company and conversation can make a real difference to quality of life. If you’re a social researcher, you might appreciate that having networks of support prevents isolation and helps people stay healthy and independent longer. That takes pressure off of our creaky social welfare system and saves the NHS money, to say nothing of creating happiness. But you don’t need to be an expert to understand the value of having a good laugh with friends – just being human is enough.

Read more stories about people’s experience with Circle:

Martyn Picture with Pat & Hospice Staff

I was VERY dubious, but was soon chatting to a few people… This was living again!” – Martyn

via Flickr user abbyladybug

I do it for myself and for everyone that lives here.” – Burcu

via Flickr user question_everything 3606662874

For the first time in three years – I’m going out.” – Joan

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