Putting ourselves on notice

What would support a better culture of care in our services? Something as small as noticing what we do right might make a bigger impact than you think.

By Hilary Cottam, Founder and CEO of Participle. 

I’ve really enjoyed this year’s Reith lectures, delivered by Dr. Atul Gawande on the future of medicine. They have had so much to say about relational welfare and understanding systemic change.

In his final lecture, Gawande describes meeting an old lady with “teeth like lonely pebbles in her mouth”. Found abandoned in a Delhi park in a fragile state, with weeping, maggot infested sores on her legs, she was taken in by a home for older people in one of city’s larger slums. The charity did not have the resource or capacity for more residents Continue reading Putting ourselves on notice

All Wound Up

Working intensively with people leaves you both exhausted and wound up at the end of the day, even in the best of circumstances. The people working this way need support, including those in the JobCentre.

By Jessica Hughes, Head of Marketing and Facilitator for Backr

“We’re winding down for December.” I seem to be hearing this phrase a lot at the moment. And whilst it’s understandable, as many of us do tend to wind down our work around the festive period, this isn’t necessarily a luxury extended to those who work on the frontline of services. Regardless of what time of year it is, life goes on for the people we’re helping. Continue reading All Wound Up

Holiday meals: How to fall off the wagon and get back on again

If you’re trying to make more healthy choices, December can be a tough month no matter what you celebrate. Here are some ideas from Wellogram to help you feel happy, healthy and in control, whether you decide to eat the chocolate or not.

By Tara Hackett, Lead Guide at Wellogram

As of posting, December is upon us and many of us are busy making plans and getting prepared for an enjoyable, Merry Christmas!

If we think about it, this time of year is very much in line with the way of Wellogram members. Put simply, making plans and taking action to enjoy a good life, is just what Wellogram is all about. And that mindset applies to eating right over any holiday, from Christmas to Passover to Ramadan.

Wellogram members work alongside their Guides to work out what’s important to them and to take actions in help them live well all year round. Over the last month, “holidays” have been well represented in the conversations members have been having with their Guides. However, these conversations have not all been merry and full of cheer! Continue reading Holiday meals: How to fall off the wagon and get back on again

How to work a holiday party, relationally

Got work drinks, family feasts or a holiday shindig or two you’re feeling anxious about? Use Backr’s relational approach to rule the festive season (and maybe learn something new while you’re at it).

By Gosbert Chagula, Service Developer at Backr

For many, the prospect of the holiday season and its implied socialisation fills them with dread. I’m sure many have felt it as you manoeuvre from one festive party onto the next during mid-December. Staff parties, end of year celebrations, family gatherings, are just a small sample of the variety of occasions to which some of us will be summoned. But what’s the problem? Well, in many instances, despite an increase in time spent socialising, things simply continue as they were before – circular conversations, often-repeated stories and the awkwardness of having forced chatter with a room full of strangers.

But does it have to be this way? Continue reading How to work a holiday party, relationally