Educating the East End: GOOOOOOALS

Every Monday morning at Participle, we make a pot of coffee and have a bit of a natter before the office gets too busy. Our colleague Emma Southgate always comes in with great stories of what she’s done on the weekend, as well as amazing reviews of TV shows she’s watched and how the themes apply to our work in relational services. We think it is a bit unfair that she has a fascinating social life AND time for telly, but we always enjoy the reviews. So now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s her take on Educating the East End. Continue reading Educating the East End: GOOOOOOALS

After 37 years of work, Community Links knows relationships are what matter most

This week Community Links publish a re-visiting of their 2010 report “Out of the Ordinary”. It’s a timely, poignant and interesting read. The effects of the cuts have hit hard on the communities with which Community Links works. And yet Community Links has persevered, adapting, learning and sticking alongside their communities. Continue reading After 37 years of work, Community Links knows relationships are what matter most

Building local networks for better education: the Compass-NUT Inquiry

The relentless emphasis on the market and league tables, together with the uncoupling of schools, colleges and universities from local authority control over the last 20 years has created a fragmentation of local education services. That’s why we at Compass, in partnership with the National Union of Teachers, have been very busy over the last year conducting interviews, having seminars with students and experts as well as holding national and local events to get to the bottom of the question: How do we build a more equal and democratic model of education? Continue reading Building local networks for better education: the Compass-NUT Inquiry

Lend me your ears

You’re in a conversation with a colleague, and they mention that they’ve started trying to swim every morning before work. “I used to swim in the mornings,” you respond, “and I found that…” And then the conversation has shifted to you. Before you know it you have lost track of what your colleague is saying.

With the best of intentions, our thoughts, judgements, interruptions and perspectives can often get in the way of hearing what someone is saying. Continue reading Lend me your ears

A ‘Tough Character’ Takes Flight: CoachBright and Confidence

September is back to school month on the Relational Welfare blog, so we spoke with Robin Chu, founder of CoachBright, to get his take on how a personal connection affects the way we learn.

CoachBright connects recent university graduates with ​​children that are struggling in school. These coaches work with the pupils to discover what motivates them. Then they figure out how they can use that as a driver to help them reach their goals and make better use of their education. We’re hired by schools to do this in increments from 6 weeks to a year.

The whole programme is built around the question “What do you want your future to look like?” It’s a big question, and intentionally so. Continue reading A ‘Tough Character’ Takes Flight: CoachBright and Confidence

Embrace the struggle

Some years ago when my daughter was really struggling with maths, a friend suggested we try the Khan Academy. Together we were slowly drawn in by Sal Khan’s videos, doodles and most of all by his voice. Sal, who of course we never met, actually felt like a warm human being who cared, was interested and interesting.

As we listened and practised, my daughter’s own anxiety started to ebb: this kind person made her feel she might be able to grasp it after all. Continue reading Embrace the struggle

Pencils at the ready…

Even if you don’t have kids, there’s something about September that feels like a fresh start. It’s a mini-new year, with people going back to school and a snap in the air.  There’s a sense of possibility, but there’s also comfort of routine – a good time for learning. Continue reading Pencils at the ready…