The good life, as told by a nine year old

We’ve just run across this tweet by the brilliant 826 Valencia, a San Francisco-based organisation that promotes writing skills for young people. It was created by 9 year old Julissa and shows her take on “the good life”:

The Good Life

We love this because (aside from being pretty darn adorable)  Julissa has managed to create in what we’re guessing was a few minutes what it’s taken our researchers years to refine: a framework of the capabilities people need to create a good life. They might differ a little bit, but all the important pieces are there:

Our capabilities Julissa’s good life
Relationships: capability to build and sustain relationships Helping family; helping friends (We hope they help you too, Julissa)
Work & learning: capability to participate in structured learning and working activities Have a job; good school (no skipping class, no hitting)
Community & environment: capability to participate in and contribute to community events and one’s local living environment Helping people; helping the earth; growing plants (with the intent to feed others, it looks like?)
Health & vitality: capability to enjoy life while maintaining positive self esteem and good health Exercise; eat good food (fruits and vegetables); good behaviour (happy and excited)

So well done Julissa! You’ve got a real talent for distilling the universal down to a few simple points. And trust us, we know how hard it can be.

Read more about why we think services should be measuring how well they boost people’s capabilities.

Thanks to measurements expert extraordinaire Amanda Briden for pointing this out to us, 826 Valencia for sharing it, and Julissa for being amazing.

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