‘Local people, looking out for local people’

We were contacted this afternoon by someone from the Borough Council, with a referral for us as part of the Warm Homes, Healthy People initiative. Suffolk Circle is providing manpower to fit energy saving equipment, such as draught excluders and radiator covers. The lady we spoke to lives in a very rural part of Suffolk, is quite elderly with no family (at least no family living nearby). We were asked to go and fit draught excluders, and were also asked to replace a cracked window. On discussion with this lady, it turns out she lives in a rented property and can’t get hold of the landlord about the window. She has been given a grant to buy some heating oil, but didn’t understand how it all worked and was very concerned that she was going to be landed with a bill for £400 that she simply couldn’t afford. We could have made an appointment to go and fit the draught excluders and gone home again. But this isn’t what we do. We phoned the chap who organised the heating oil grant, found out how it was all going to work and relayed this information back to her (it turns out the Borough Council will inform the oil company, who will credit her account on her behalf). We are trying to get hold of the landlord on behalf of this lady, and will work with him to get the window replaced. And while we are on our way out to fit the equipment, we can pick up some shopping and just check that the lady has everything she needs. Local people looking out for local people, and being there when we are needed with the ability to flex and respond to peoples needs, wants and desires.

Damien Ribbans
General Manager, Suffolk Circle

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